There are many options about a logo. Is important where the logo will be used: on the internet, business cards, envelopes, etc... According to your requirements we can decide the way the logo should look.

Our Work in Graphic Agency:

Once we get an order – here are our main tasks:

  • we study
  • we give our opinion
  • we await for your decision
  • we prepare samples to fit with your idea
  • we work on any changes until you are satisfied
  • we save final work in the needed formats and send them to you by e-mail!

Some of our logos was made from great graphic desingers:

Features and Customizations

  • WORD MARK – The logo can be a stylized name where the letters become the logo.
  • PICTORIAL LOGO – An image or shape that represent your company or name.
  • ABSTRACT LOGO – A shape or symbol that can be used as a trademark.
  • LETTER MARK – The logo can use letters that represent the initials of your company’s name.
  • CHARACTER – The logo uses the mascot of your company or can represent your business name.
  • WEB LOGO – Logo can be made as a complex graphic design.