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We create company identity, logo, business cards and many other graphic services that are our unique work based on the customer’s requirements. Until the final payment, the created products and service are owned by AINVEST Ltd. and any of their use is prohibited. Unauthorized use is a criminal offense punishable by law. It is prohibited to copy and publish our products and images on other websites or places of public nature which has not been purchased and given the final payment to and hence owned by our company (which holds the copyright of the material until final payment).

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The company AINVEST Ltd. provides on website graphic services which are guaranteed to be completed to the satisfaction of the client. In case of dissatisfaction or disputes the completion of the graphic services is done in favor of the client’s requirements. Where this is not possible the use of law falls under EU regulations.


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Placing your OrderOn each page there is a button that takes you to a webpage where you will be able to place an order. Select the appropriate package with your required features and complete the order in your shopping cart. In case you need more support from our side, please contact us and request a quote. Based on your requirements, we will send you a costumed propose with suitable solutions.

If you are uncertain of our services do not hesitate to request a quote from us by follow to that link. The client must provide contact information and clear requirements: name, what service is needed, time frame to finish the work etc.

Depending on the selected service we will send a final offer to your e-mail address. We will comply with the agreed time frame. Our work will be completed with the client’s help and cooperation. Client must fully cooperate with the graphics team and provide as much information has possible in order to create the most appropriate product possible


When ordering on the website you can select one of the following payments methods:

  • Prepaid by TT
  • PayPal
  • PayPay system payment with credit cards

There are also other payments, if necessary, please contact us.


On all of our services we give 100% guaranty on the work provided as we strive to satisfy the client to the fullest extend of our capabilities. In case of dissatisfaction or unforeseen complications we will endeavor to resolve the situation in favor of the client. If you would like to send us any comments please contact us by contacts form or send us message by e-mail: We will reply within 24 hours.


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